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Hear what this couple loved about Geoff

Geoff took us to see a number of great houses, and did exhaustive research on the ones that interested us. He completed comparative neighbourhood sales analysis, and provided us with information on what types of homes were better for resale. When we finally decided on a home, Geoff negotiated a price significantly lower than the asking price. He walked us through every step of the way. Geoff has great relationships with a number of highly respected professionals, so we had access to excellent mortgage brokers, lawyers, home inspectors and trades people. Our first home purchase was a great success.

N. Matheson & K. Pratt, London, Ontario

What London, ON Realtor Geoff Mitchell Can do for you?

I am a London ON Realtor. You may be new(er) to real estate in London. You might not know the good areas and the bad ones. Maybe you are too busy to keep up on the market trends and growth. I’m not. I have been here for 50 years. I’ve seen subdivisions sprout up where there were cornfields. I’m knowledgeable so you do not have to be.

While earning my degree at Weber University I played football before having a short stint in the pros. I broke touchdown record that was previously held by some guy named Jerry Rice.

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J. Reid’s experience with Geoff

Geoff Mitchell is my Real Estate Agent! I say it loud and proud because his vast knowledge, friendly demeanor and tenacity made all the difference. Before signing with Geoff I actually contacted several other agents. Geoff stood out because he was always the one that made the time to promptly return my calls, send me information and seemed to be always accessible and eager to work with me. Within days of speaking with him, he found me several quality properties. With his guidance, strong negotiation skills and list of professional contacts, I easily purchased a beautiful home. An ancient proverb says: “Whatever you are – be a good one.” Geoff Mitchell is my Real Estate Agent! He is very good at what he does.

J. Reid, Toronto, Ontario

My time-tested strategy to selling.


As a realtor in London, ON, I have come to learn that Some people want the highest price for their property, others want a price that will guarantee a quick sale. Why not eat your cake and have it. I shoot for both. The highest price and the quickest sale. I research the comparable prices in the neighbourhood and then devise a plan to max out your profit by marketing your house in a way that creates a demand.


Selling a home is so much more than selling brick and mortar. You are selling a place that will fulfil the emotional needs of the buyer. It is not just about up-to-date wiring and electrical. Presentation is crucial. Staging, design, and videography all make an incredible difference in getting your property sold. I work with a team a creative talent that will help present your house in a way that will attract the buyer you want at the price you want.


“You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.” You’ll feel empowered and confident knowing that you are listened to and your interests are forcefully advanced to the other side. My years of experience and knowledge of other London ON realtors means that I am familiar with their styles and adjust to them accordingly to make sure you leave with as much money in your pocket as possible.

My proven approach to buying


I have access to thousands of real estate listings throughout London ON. I can bring up the history and let me know when the property has changed hands. You have something specific in mind and if it exists, I will find it for you.


You want to buy what you want not what some realtor think you want or should buy. My job is to listen learn and understand. I want to know what you want better than you do. What price, how big, what neighbourhood in London do you want to make your real estate investment in.


No one likes wasting time writing losing offers. Timing, strategy and conditions make a world of difference. After more than a decade of doing this, I know how to write an offer that will get you the deal. In today’s market you need to write something that is competitive without having to break the bank. I will negotiate with the other side to get a price that works for you.

Past clients say:

I was most pleased while working with Geoff Mitchell with the fact that I was able to reach him whenever I needed him. He always called me back within 15 minutes. The problem I had with other Realtors was that I could never ever get them. Geoff always provided me with accurate information and it was a pleasure working with a real guy. I would recommend Geoff.

Doug Galbraith, London, Ontario

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